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Blood Transfusion Bag

Posted about 10 months ago   in Nairobi  

Location: Nairobi

Blood Transfusion Bags, also referred to as a blood bag or blood bag system, are manufactured and used for medical operations for safe and reliable blood transfusion in order to restore a patient’s health.

The plastic bags, available in normal PVC film or heat-pressed PVC film, allow for safe and easy preparation of multiple blood components from a single unit of whole blood and are fitted with ultra-thin sharp pointed needles for a smooth and comfortable penetration.

The round shape of the bag minimizes blood waste during the transfer and transfusion and the convenient hanger slits and holes not only facilitate blood collection and transfusion but allow easy suspension of the bag in a vertical position.

Blood Transfusion Bags inner surface is treated to ensure that blood does not clot. In order to prevent contamination, our products are provided with tamper proof, safe and easy-to-open port covers. The filter has the function of removing most of the leucocytes for safe collection of blood.

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