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Central Venous Catheter Kit

Posted about 1 year ago   in Nairobi  

Location: Nairobi

A central venous catheter is a long, thin, flexible tube used to give medicines, fluids, nutrients or blood
products. A catheter is often inserted in the arm or chest through the skin into a large vein. The catheter
is threaded through this vein until it reaches a large vein near the heart.

  • Central venous catheter (CVC) is surgically inserted into human body such that its distal tip is
    advanced as far as possible in the superior/inferior vena cava for single use.
  • CVC can be single lumen or multi lumen catheter. Single lumen catheter consists of a tube or
    lumen ending in a hub that can be capped and used as per requirement. Multiple lumen
    catheters provide multiple access channels to the central venous circulation through a single
    insertion site, permitting several functions to be performed simultaneously.
  • Catheters are made from the soft polyurethane and have Single, Double, Triple, Quadruple
    lumens in various lengths.
  • The product made of specially formulated and biocompatible polyurethane material provides
    strength during insertion and also softens at body temperature to conform to the body
    tissues and reduces the risk and vascular trauma.

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